Why just watch when you can play!

investment opportunity

GrowTH potential


Our focus.

Providing a world class entertainment experience where family and friends can draw closer through sports and dining.
Solid Growth Potential

Family friendly consumer sports dining environments are an emerging market with massive growth potential.

Player Experience

Proprietary gaming allows for a unique, versatile, and customized customer experience that is fun for all age groups and skill levels.

Ultimate Dining Experience

A modern take on fine dining and bar food provide a selection for everyone. For kids, try our amazing kids menu.

Premium Location

The business design allows for a wide variety of locations that will be convenient to large cities and other dining establishments.

BigHoops Overview

Through proprietary design and perfect execution we will create the ultimate dining experience:

Great Food

Our Team aims to provide a premium dining experience for a reasonable price. Additionally, we will have a full bar with a comprehensive drink menu.


Fun Games

Our proprietary games will provide a fantastic user experience that will be fun for all ages and skill levels. It is designed to keep everyone engage and facilitate a memorable experience for the entire family.


Awesome Atmosphere

Our inviting and professional staff will provide a A+ atmosphere catered directly to your court. Additionally, there will be bar, restaurant, and supplemental gaming areas.


Ultimate Dining Experience

Our blend of these previously mention items will provide a premium dining and gaming experience. Welcome to BigHoops!

Sports Dining

We are excited to join the sports dining market!

Being in an emerging market there is large potential for success in our hometown market. Furthermore, growth to all major cities is expected after the first establishment.


Our technology is 100% proprietary and patented. The unique self contained concept allows for small acreage locations positioning us for large earning potentials in large cities.


Perfection takes time but our Team is prepared to achieve, fail, and succeed strategically to create the ultimate dining experience.


Our customers will experience the conveniences of cutting edge booking and reservation capabilities. Additionally, player statistics will be tracked and readily available for long term improvement and competitive play.

Driven Customers

When all of society is inundated by software customers are starved for genuine, unique, and exciting experiences.


Our Team strives to become one of the top premier customer facing sport entertainment dining chains.

Investment Opportunity

Secure your potential for financial earnings now.
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The Machine

Through strategic planning and sourcing our team is putting together a premier prototype. 

It is currently under construction but demonstrations will be available soon…

Investor Demo Video

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Our team.

We have a multifaceted team that is driven toward success.
Paul Brown

Founder & CEO

Daniel Brown

Founder & CTO

Mike Stone


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